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Hamidi Madani A, Tavakoli Lahijani S N, Farzan A, Esmaeili S, Hamidi Madani Z. Frequency and Correlates of Sexual Dysfunction among Women Attending Outpatient Gynecological Clinics. Iran J Health Sci. 2018; 6 (3) :21-35
URL: http://jhs.mazums.ac.ir/article-1-579-en.html
Guilan University of Medical Sciences , hamidimadani@gmail.com
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Background and purpose: Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is a high-frequent multifactorial problem and may have a major effect on the quality of life. This study was conducted to investigate frequency of female sexual dysfunction and its correlated factors in women attending outpatient gynecological clinics.
Methods: A total of 300 married women attending four gynecological outpatient clinics in Rasht, Iran were assessed. Sexual function was evaluated through Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) questionnaire. Demographic characteristics, obstetric and surgical history, some medical conditions and body mass index (BMI), life style variants, knowledge about sexuality, and help-seeking behavior were assessed by a self-created questionnaire. Statistical analysis included Fisher exact test Chi-square and Spearman’s correlation coefficients.
Results: 76.67% of all women in this study reported sexual dysfunction in at least one domain. The total frequency of FSD according to the low total FSFI score was 18.3%. The most frequent dysfunction was desire disorders (63.7%). The frequencies of other sexual disorders were as follows: pain disorders (35.7%), arousal disorders (34.7%), orgasmic disorders (16%), lubrication disorders (10.7%), and satisfaction disorders (10.7%). Age, number of deliveries, number of children, number of abortions, menopause, mode of delivery, episiotomy, anemia, psychiatric disease, psychotropic medication use, poor sexual knowledge, and husband’s age showed a significant statistical correlation with low total FSFI score. Women who thought they had a sexual problem involved 15.3% of all subjects, of which 67.4% have had no professional consultation about it.
Conclusion: FSD is highly frequent in women referred to gynecological clinics. Thus, more attention to the state of women’s sexual health is recommended.
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Type of Study: Original Article | Subject: Health

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